MC Hammered

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  1. Cameron the one your talking about is mc hammerd not beard or not to beard.

  2. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHA!

  3. Woah! It funny. 😀

  4. hey this is my first time on the site and i just wanted to respond to this one just saying this is my second fav one besides to beard or not to beard because of his face the second time the other him gets a birthday hat

  5. lolly pop lol

  6. LEFTY!

  7. lewis animator

    Ilove it dude YOUR AUSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. lewis animator

    reply please ross!!!!!!Listen ross everyone is asking the same question ok
    the question is HOW DO YOU MAKE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. lewis animator


  10. lewis animator

    ROSS THAT WAS AUSOME i do animations at home but nothing like that
    you are the BEST animator in the WORLD one question ? Do you do it by

  11. awesome!
    how do you make these?

  12. Ross, What was your insparation to first start making these animations?

  13. reviewdude503

    Haha I luv the part when the other guy stepz on the button and it gives him the party hat and he goes boop and gets all squarish!

  14. I love all your vids they’re so funny .lol if any1 sends u a bad comment there is sometin wrong in da head with them!! PS:don’t worry i’m not aggressive

  15. it’s very good but not very very very very very… good.

  16. love all your creation…blessing

  17. Hi i from Koera good story

  18. hammer jumps guy “jhligda” hmmer hits eye guy “hay”

  19. he moves his eyes crack or turn diganal 🙂

  20. haha its so stupid and funny too

  21. YOsterretje


  22. we are family ohohohohohohohohoho//hohoohohohohohohohohohoh??/?/?????????????????????

  23. i wish this could happen in real life you draw something on paper and it starts to move that would be fun!!!!!!! and epic!!!!!!!

  24. ola parabens pelo trabalho teria como vc me passa seu email?

  25. this site nd all da toons r fantastic.. i want wait to see more!! 1000/10

  26. the music and art for these comics are so sweet
    keep it going

  27. ouch 2 black eyes yikes

  28. the guy screaming like a girl

  29. pencilmation 1 + pencilmation 2 = pencilmation 3 THE HAMMER HIT THE DUDE’S EYE
    HAMMER GETS REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. I do think this episode is the best one you’ve made so far!

  31. You are so clever!! I envy you. your pencilmation is so excellent!~ Very Very Fun.

  32. hi wats up wat gave you the idea to write these

  33. these episodes are so funny lol

  34. hey what’s up

  35. your cartoons are lol

  36. faster than a speeding bullet??!!?? no way hes faster than a jammed bullet 🙂

  37. *aaah* theres nuthin like startin off a gud day with laughing 🙂

  38. I love that the nails run and scream…

  39. awesome master


  40. Dude!I love your cartoons!I love to draw.

  41. when i saw the that video i almost peeded my pants

  42. i really like your toons…watched alomst all of them, keep posting man….

  43. THe square guy reminds me of a puppet that I made. lolz nontheless I love this stuff

  44. it’s hilarious at the end he screamed like a girl *sigh* it’s hilarious he got hit with a hammer in the face! me and my cousin was LAUGHING like CRAZY!

  45. this pencil is like a super man

  46. Does this take long time to make Ross? ^^

    • I can do a new episode in about two weeks, but this one has taken longer because I’ve gotten some other people to help me work on it with me. So, it doesn’t really take that long!

      • Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. You are a genius man!!! Awesome

  48. me again, i forgot to tell u email me if u can

  49. i love ur, AWSOME ,SICK, FUNNY , CARTOONS there AWSOME make more plesas o and i am ur biggest fan i no it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Cool. 🙂 Love it! :))

  51. Ah. Thank you. Can’t wait for ep. 8 Good Luck! ^_^

  52. Absolutley Hilarious! Love the song. Any chance for a mp3 for it?

  53. I love it ❤

  54. Ooo Bad Pen Make Bad To This animation

  55. Hey Ross. I LOVE your idea 🙂 It’s amazing 🙂 keep drawing man! ❤

  56. the video are good 😀 and the little fellows are really cute 😀

  57. I like this chip music. Did you compose it by yourself or do you use available tracks?

  58. nice i enjoy your toons of pencilmation how did u make them?

  59. That was hiarious!! Though I miss when your toons were in swf format, much easier to load and better quality…

  60. THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. super to fantastic its great!

  62. Number of nails are wrong..!!

    First, there was 8nails and 2 was stuck by a hammer.

    Than there are 6 nails live.

    but last, there are 7nails live.

    It’s long ~

    for fun~

  63. c’est delire mon préféré est le numéro 3

  64. why it say movie not loaded 😦 i wanna see it!

  65. Cheesemeister

    This is easily my favourite out of the “new” Pencilmations. Oh, poor flat-head: The guy with nails pounded in his skull…


  66. Smileybob10

    !!!Awesome Video!!!

  67. nicccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccce

  68. all the animations are great and very intresting

  69. i like it

  70. The commericals r funny! BTW I like this pencilmation alot!

  71. i like pencilmation alot

  72. i like pencilmation!

  73. Tyler Sullivan

    this Is Funny

  74. i love your cartoons… they rock, i first found out about you at
    it was very funny. =) i draw comics… email me if you want to see them.

  75. can you send me the song from comercial for doun loading songs?

  76. I especially like how the guy chews in this one…:)

  77. Thanks mate:)

  78. You should do downloads of the full songs(from pencilmation 1,2,3 and 4) Because i love the tunes pretty much!

    P.S Just to tell you im 10 years old!

  79. jane bollinger

    I liked the party hat.

  80. Thank you very much!

  81. I come from China. Your cartoon I like, want to download, but I do not understand English, very reluctant to do so (This is my translation from the machine translation)

    • Soon I am adding a translation button. When it is available, can let me know if it gives you a good translation on my website?

      • I come from China, too. The machine translation is inexplicable. very retarded, actually. I can do it better, if you need my help. totally free. lol.

      • That’s good to know…I’ll have to get rid of that. If you’ve got the time, I’d love for you to help me translate. Send me an email to when you get the chance.

  82. love it it is funny

  83. this just made my day 🐱

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  85. 很可爱啊,我很喜欢啊,很牛!我想下载,可是都是英文,无奈~~~

  86. 非常有趣,特别酷,我很喜欢。

  87. will(tess' little brother)

    hey ross
    nice cartoooooons!!!!!!!!!!
    can you draw those muscles on me

    • Hi Tess’ little brother!! Yes I can in fact draw muscles on you. Please send a photograph and self addressed envelope and a handful of peanuts to 105 Grattan Street Apt. 1R Brooklyn NY 11237 and you will receive your muscles in approximately four to six weeks.

  88. Nishant Gupta

    Thanks Ross. You are really a great dude!!
    And whenever you get a little spare time, please do let me have some of your expert tips!!

  89. You´re website is really cool!
    Congrats from Brazil!

  90. Nishant Gupta

    Hey! Very nice work!! Can i download them from any link, pls pls pls..
    And what if i wanna learn to make one, will you teach me Ross??

    • You can download them through iTunes by clicking the “podcast” link on the right sidebar. Give that a shot. As far as teaching you how to make Pencilmation, I’m pretty busy these days, but there are lots of great books on animating in Flash. Good luck!

  91. You stole the sound effects from Earth Worm Jim!

  92. HAhahaha- I really loved the muscle guys pose!

  93. Desperatly waiting 4 next video

  94. Ross you should make pencilmation four have a giant robot it would be totaly cool or a mega photon cannon lol im rerally random

  95. awesome i really like the boogalah i wonder if i could do a claymation version but first i have to get clay lol

  96. thanks, what hapend to the old site and the other videos; ive been a big fan since a while back. i remeber friends and infinity snail, those were really cool.

  97. ahh, poor guy!

  98. ross this one rules if i started to make claymation movies could u give me some tips? also do you have a deviant art it would be much easier to contact u on DA

  99. I love the screaming nails!! Can’t wait to see what’s next!