Amour Than Enough

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  2. hello im korean is very fun and good!!!!!

  3. kenny50001


  4. this is so funny

  5. i just like the girl when she touch her hair

  6. I am the girl…. lol but i really like the girl she is cute who is the guy then??

  7. I like the part where he saw the girl that was so sweet maybe they had *** thats why they wont let us see lolz

  8. please man help i want to know the name of the software your using+please send me the picture of the pencil and paper @

  9. i love makin stick men but i never knew how 😦 pleeeeeaaaaaasssssee tell me the exact way to make these stick men. right now im stuck with a paper and a pencil just drawing them its really sad and its been a dream of mine to show the world my own Hilarius ideas about stick men so pleeeeeeasse tell me exactly how. just send me the information on my email im begging u <:(


    LISTEN DUDE in won of your new wons can you put sponsered by pik
    animations ill be sending updates most of the time see you soon

  11. Hi Its DD rizz i surff the web in search of great web sites the at the end of the year I let the #1 rizz web site let them know what i think about them… … … … i Don’t think much of this one but i like the shows here…
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  12. love at first sight

  13. in so in 1 video in so wrog and so know in so much fun and video 4

  14. that dude is in for a big surprise


  16. This episode was GREAT!

  17. aww man what happend to the stick figure in the 1st and 2nd animations and that robot pen dude you should make more of that stick figure and pen guy like make it go ‘to be continued’ or something like that the stick figure and pen dude were coolest ones for me:)

  18. IT WONT PLAY ON MY COMPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. This is one of the best toons^^ I can’t stop watching this, too. It’s so funny ! Great job ^^

  20. this is awesome so funny i can’t stop watching

  21. im the alien guy i love him the most with his girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. omg ross! u and your animations are amazing! how do u animate them like that? their SOOOO funny!

  23. u are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! i love ur cartoons

  24. UnitedRebellion


    I miss the ordinary stickman from the first and second Pencilmation. Still though, these ones are awesome! 🙂


      I the old stickman… I think that he is da best of all diz animations…ya should make more videos with him…

  25. i jus luv all ur toons.. keep it up…

    nd if there r new updates n all.. cud u contact me?

    my msn id is thanx

  26. why did you name this armour than enough?

  27. Hey surprisingly i had found you on newgrounds

  28. This one is my 2nd favorite.I like the part when you turn the girl’s hair into eyeballs and when the guy gets scared and you trap him.How long did it take you to make this?

  29. ross what website do use to draw these things i want to draw to

  30. hey dude was up. just wondering have you gotten offers from people wanting to advertise just curious

  31. So cool! I love this episode. Especially the last part of this. Where the banana guy comes out *ZAPP!!!!*

  32. Please describe me how to open the Episodes in the Pages

  33. Awesome 🙂

  34. hi ross what programme do you use????

  35. Can i borrow your pencil set? Very funny btw

  36. that was awesome!

  37. woot that was awesome!

  38. Wahhh bien, me gusta estan estas animaciones.

  39. your movies are funny

  40. too long, too boring

  41. The ending is mean 🙂

  42. tree it best


  43. how do create your own cartoon on pencilmation

  44. Avadhesh Sharma

    Hey Ross !! You and your animations are simply superb. They are so funny. They are simple but very much lovable.
    A Sharma

  45. I love your animations! i first found you at stickpage. But im sure i dont want a 50 eyed woman kissing me to torture. But any way you really should make a CREATE YOUR OWN ANIMATION!

  46. Wat inspired u to do the pecil mation thingy?

  47. Do u draw the caracters yourself?

  48. Amazing.. Part 2 of this coming soon?

  49. Do you do all the music your self ?

  50. What animation software do you use?

  51. Tyler Sullivan

    this is ok

  52. i don’t get the question either

  53. why did u hav pencilmation hav s– in amour than anough?

  54. Where did u get ur flash

  55. Love all these toons, been watching them since they started. Just a question: with regards to the pencil effect, do you draw the whole character, then use masks to reveal it, or some other method?

  56. funny videos i ecspeshly like ‘ the toon that started it all ‘

  57. rose ireally like your videos and they are very funny when are going to make new one.

  58. hilarious!

  59. FUNNY…. 😀

  60. fantastic enimation, hope it has to be real

  61. Excellent job, loved it 🙂

  62. so do you normally make them on mondays?

    • I don’t make them on Mondays; I work on them all week, but usually I put them up on the site on a Monday.

      • I meant that you put them on your site on Mondays not make them on mondays

      • Randomnametypething

        I know i already asked you about this but i must’ve missed the comment, sorry, but do you use flash to animate and would you like a change?

        Because I find easytoon and pivot great alternatives for when i can’t use flash

      • I do use Flash, but I would like to experiment with other programs sometime. Thanks for the tip.

  63. When will the next video be, and I hope you do not stop making those videos, and by the way I am the same Andrew From June 2nd

    • Hello same Andrew from June 2nd. The next one comes out on Monday. And don’t worry, I won’t stop making them.

  64. good luck to everyone u make ross and i hope they have creativity and imaginary thoughts in them…Good luck!! 🙂

  65. i hope you’d make about 20 of them coz they r awsome

  66. Love your pencilmations. I reblogged them on my blog. They are awesome…

  67. Hi, Congratulations to the site owner for this marvelous work you’ve done. It has lots of useful and interesting data.

  68. Rick Rocker

    Great stuff!
    Keep up the great work!

  69. How do you do this ( what software do you use? )

    Great stuff !

  70. I was looooooooooooooooooooooove watching your movie shorts with my brother any way.. I watched every one they was hillarious

  71. im his sister and i want to see him again you are a hilarious animator

  72. im a big fan i also want to see that one from 1 and 2 again soon ok? Thanks

  73. ^^ epic fail for the guy…
    keep up the good work Ross

  74. random guy

    and by the way the mad guy can have a super big beard

  75. random guy

    hey ross maybe for the next one u can have a stick man getting chased by a stickman that is really mad then the mad guy steals a monster truck and trys to run over the stickman

  76. what will the next one be about? how about the stick guy can be chased by sharks?


  78. Ross, I love your imagination !! Thanks for the grins. 😉

  79. Idiotic sucker

    what will the 5th one be called?

  80. How in the heck do you do that? I love it! Stumble on!

  81. I liked how in #2 the paper was wet and it affected the drawing. Maybe you could do something similar in an upcoming episode or maybe be really out there and use a sticky note or graph paper instead of plain old lined paper.

    (sorry my evil genius called for an equally evil laugh)

    • Yeah, I’ve been thinking about doing more stuff like that. The next one I’m working on has a black piece of paper, and eventually I am thinking about photographing my hands and maybe getting them involved a bit. We’ll see. Thanks for the bit of evil genius!

  82. so cool

  83. <- wers dis homo character frum

  84. my fave was the 4th 1 (:

  85. when are you going to make another 1

  86. This is truly a testament to your story telling abilities. I liked that you keep it humorous without trying to be extreme.

  87. i liked the third one most 🙂

  88. i loved it

  89. I hate them!

  90. wen we seein the stik person from 1 an 2 again?

  91. I love ya videos there hillarios i love mc hammered it so funny! from ure biggest fan rex 219

  92. Dragonking809

    I liked this but you should bring back the stick person from 1 & 2

  93. i love this