To Beard or Not to Beard

128 responses to “To Beard or Not to Beard

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  2. rubberduckies

    aha… the beard ate them…. quite funny,ross

  3. ludacris90pj


  4. nooooooooooo hank

  5. who wrote of being a princess ?
    ok it seems strange that i could write English as italian do not bellive?

  6. what prinsess ?

  7. pencilmation is supercoool

  8. hahahahaha who is a fan of this episodes reply me…..

  9. cool episoode

  10. nanannanan (fart) zoooom

  11. LOL soooooooooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. fat man beard beats evil goatee by an avalanche

  13. YO FATTY LAST MEAL THAN A DIET 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 :0 :0 :0

  14. he had a beard and he was the better one

  15. heyfat guy lay off the fries.HAHAHA=0 =)

  16. I wish I had a beard

  17. haha this is so funny

  18. Wow you animations are amazing!

  19. Got any more???????????????????????????

  20. My favorite probably

  21. simpsonsfan21

    your animations are…AWESOME!!!!!:-):-)

  22. Wow! LOL


  23. In 1:49 he reminds me of uncle phil from fresh prince

  24. 222222222222222

  25. LOL!!!!!! WE LOVE WATCHING YOUR VIDEOS!!!WE HOPE YOU BECOME FAMOUS!!!!!GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. u know what,i’ll just comment on the 1st one. so if u want 2 fight,bring it. i’ll wip your !@#$es! i just hate (*karen*) the most! >=’)

  27. i’m more like princess better than all of u.

  28. yah u are princess fatboy

  29. @*#$ u princess beauty or should i say fat boy

    • princess is probably a troll and wants you to hate them. What makes you think it’s not a fatgirl

  30. Felipe ( Brasil )

    Todos os pencilmations são incriveis são muito legais, e os desenhos são muito bom, a expreção do desenho é tão bom que parece que não errou nenhuma vez.

  31. shut up. all of u. i’m just better than all of u and u r just jealous of me,losers! >=’)

  32. ummm..this is stupid,NOT!!! it’s funny,but not funny ENOUGH.

  33. haaa!!! the evil guy farted!!! your soo smart ross!

  34. hey ross! that fat guy looks like a chubby baby that’s soo cute! and by the way, how OLD r u? please wright back,i luv your vids!

  35. Funny. U have skills man.How do u come up with these man?

  36. love the part with the vid ross.

  37. look at this (\___/)
    ( O_O) I was going to give you this apple.
    | >o< |

  38. L.O.L me too ^__^ i love these vids there great!!!!!!!!! I LOVE NEWGROUNDS

  39. funny coz the beard ate them lol

  40. thats one evil beard

  41. pretty cool but i like the paper background a lot more. It reminds of doodles more

  42. whats the back ground ross? 😦

  43. hey ross i like the part when the beard ate the 2 guys

  44. How do you make this? ❤

  45. Ross man, your doodles are so funny!I like every single one of them.But this ones my favorite,imagine a world where people have giant beards and it eats people.Oh yeah, when are you going to make the 10th pencilmation?

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  47. hey i am colten if u saw me a Ur 3rd i put i am Ur biggest fan i am EVEN BIGGER NOW U ROCK I LOVE UR VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO DEATH

  48. hey ross i agree with you but all te toonsare hilarious.

  49. In love it ♡

  50. bump! gottta keep this alove ^^

  51. Man your stuff is entertaining! Keep it up and keep mining for cool ideas!

  52. wow♡

  53. Man, I need to grow a beard like that.

  54. is short and stupid :S

  55. Собственно то к чему?

  56. ethan campbell

    is the guy with the big head dead or not? i laughed so hard when the marker appeared. cant wait for the next episode!

  57. My avatar is some thing I drew! It’s called a Pookie (I really don’t know why I called it that)

  58. Good work!

  59. I made some thing for ur awesomeness! (I wonder if thats a word?) Anyhoo here ya go!

    I think u have to copy and paste it to see it.

  60. Can u make more infinty snail toons!

    • Infinity snail!? Well…maybe. People have been asking me about that guy and, so yes, it is true, I have been thinking about bringing him back.

  61. wow that was so funny when that beard just ate everybody my friends almost peed themselves and me to cuz the vid was funny and my friends were crackin me up and we were wondering if u drew the animations or the computer already has a saved data with that animated charactor? dont forget to tell me when theres a new episode plzz!

    • I got an email one time from a kid who said that he laughed so hard that he threw up. Talk about a testimonial….

      • Wow, that must of hurt! Haha! anyways, your pencilmation things are SOOO funny!! when is Pencilmation 6? please tell me! if it’s done, when are you going to publish it? I can’t wait! Oh yeah, the 3rd one was Funny! Me and my friends Laughed for a straight 5 minutes! maybe like 3.

      • I’m going to put the next one up on Monday. Wooo!!!

      • can you bring back the pencil stickman and have him battle the marker?

      • I have actually thought up a Pencilmation episode that involves the marker, but I haven’t had time to work on it yet.

  62. Tyler Sullivan

    this is funny

  63. Довольно интересно конечно. Я немогу подписаться под каждым вашим словом, но в общем соглашусь.

  64. C 12 июня – Днём России!

  65. Another adventure of Mr Sadistic pencil and and his life-creating powers being abused, that said I love it. Is awsomeness of the highest level.

  66. I suddenly have a big hunger for a nice juicy burger, but it’s 12:36 am and I don’t want to wake up feeling and/or looking like one.


  68. That cartoon is AWESOME! Keep it up, Ross, and you’ll have your own fan club. Thanks for the vids so far!!

  69. thanks for keep making cartoons


  70. what kinda sicko is this ashley?

  71. i meant to ashley

  72. yeah i agree w/ Dragonking809 like pencil guy too please put him in

  73. kool love it !!!!! it has comedy and everything


  75. pretty awesome!

  76. Great work, more please!

  77. Dragonking809

    I wanted the pencil Guy PLEASE tell me he is going to be in number six.

  78. Idiotic Sucker

    I’m with ashley

  79. Nice work mate 🙂

  80. Please make more pencilmations! I have an idea. Veiwers like love stuff. So i think you should make some bout sex. AND NO BLURS! Show everything!!! Thanks! –