Malice in Wonderland

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  1. Hank is lucky in this one. He gets a hat ,bunny ,cake. I really wanted to see Hank get damaged very badly in this one… :(((

  2. all your episodes are funny but wheres tae story to it?

  3. Wait a minute!!!While the cow was eating and got giant where was the cake. He didn’t eat it all(cow).

  4. Frank? Is that you on the left side?

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  7. ross you are awesome.i like when the cow poops!are you gonna make more?

  8. awesome hand ross awesome hand

  9. I loved where he ate the cake and it was like Mario!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But Ross whent over bourd on the cow when it pooped……. But i still loved it


  11. That Bunny Is Cute. πŸ˜€

  12. amy the hedgehog

    how did you make it to a cartoon ross?

  13. I LOVE THEM!!!!!

  14. Hey Ross! I was reading a bunch of the comments and I heard that your left handed! I’m left handed and most people are right so I think it’s cool that you of all people is a lefty.

  15. Dude this series just keeps getting better and better! From the first to the latest this little series ROCKS! Rock on with your jock on.

  16. hey ross i LOVE pencilmation when will you make the one after cone head

  17. that and beard to beard are my favorite

  18. WOW…………………..VERY

  19. I found you on nicktoons and I was right you were part of it

  20. i want more videos and ross your videos remind me of this old show on nick toons but now is long gone now but this is funny

  21. Dang this is hilarious!!!! You rock and i was wondering if you were still making more of these videos?

  22. DNA Mutation Growth Cake, Impressive, Bad For Your Heath But Impressive

  23. some randomer

    how do i change my picture please

  24. some randomer

    whats my picture


  26. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) the cow pooped (twice) man your hilarious I hope the rest is as funny as this one!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  27. ross?can i ask you a question?whats your favorite pencilmation video?

  28. the left-side guy has squidward’s nose

  29. Pencilmation is the best!

  30. im right handed and im creative

  31. i love this place

  32. LOL. Nobody realy cared for the need to make an avatar! ;D

  33. I love it! LOL i have personally fell inlove with Hanks personality But cow poop switched it! I Love Malice and the Bunny! LOL }:D

  34. Sweet im lefty to, i hear that ppl who r lefty use the creative side of their brains more so u and me r lucky πŸ™‚

  35. F

  36. Why can not I watch?

    My players have questions?


  37. omg i love all of your drawing and the mestery one too!

  38. Hahaha, my favorite one!


  40. It Is GoOd WhEn ThE FiRSt ONe STArtS

  41. i like all the pencilmations i wish i can draw like that

  42. COOL! i love your pencilmation XD

  43. HAHAHA soo cool! I like the one with the rabbit……

  44. omg mario he turned big dun nu dun nu dun lol omg omg lol

  45. HAAA!!! when the cow pooped,i couldn’t stop laughin’!

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  47. when the guy and the cow ate the cake it sounds like when you get a mushroom in mario

  48. exellent!

  49. why two pieces this time?

  50. OMG! Your hand!!!

  51. Brilliant matey.. I envy you

  52. beard monster! oh my jesus!

  53. shal i suggest u something……u should make a 1 hour film!!!
    i bet u wil earn lodzz of money!

  54. If u had to use ur hand 2 make the animations b4 then how cum were just now seeing ur hand? or in other words did u block off ur hand off in the other animations jus so it would hav the pencil?

  55. Are you left handed?

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  57. Iol cow poop πŸ™‚

  58. yea i wish u would continue episodes 1 and 2

  59. Teh Rockenruss

    poor little guy D:

  60. hello,I’M glad to enjoy your cartoons.

  61. I wish you would continue from the episodes 1 and 2 storyline

  62. awesome, just watched them all πŸ™‚ lol

  63. omg!! I very very love THIS video ❀

  64. hello I am turk and I love it.It is very good animation

  65. So, you’re left handed then?

  66. I like very much the Malice in Wonderland.

  67. glorious best one so far keep it coming or .. you can probably guess

  68. cool a hand

  69. super

  70. i love the poo HILARIOUS

  71. Ross your animations is cool
    waiting for more

    Xninja corporation

  72. Yay! you are totally awesome! You should make infinity snail a guest star in the next episode. These are really funny…they make you laugh, and there isn’t even any speaking.

  73. Make the how to video by August 6 2009!!!!!!!

  74. I’ve only recently found these videos and, may I say, they’re awesome! πŸ˜€
    Better than that! They’re… Awesomesauce. On toast. *nodnod*
    I can’t stop myaelf from smiling whenever I watch them… These kinds of things are so amusing :3
    Pencilmation +1 fan!


  75. Hi I think your animations are awesome and look forward to seeing more!!! ell.

  76. TommyandKellyLove

    LOVE IT! Ur Animations r AWESOME

  77. misswondergirl

    Very nice work. You have great imagination.

    Looking forward for more.

    Please tell me how to do this type of animation and publish it.

    • I don’t want to leave you wondering ms. wondergirl, but it’s sort of hard to explain…Which is why I am making a how-to video!!! Coming soon….

      • oh, cool!!! i look forward to it!!
        i come here like every 3 days to watch ur vidios~
        hope it comes out soon.

  78. Vijay Parmar

    I know how you do it……but I can’t do it. As I am interested in animation work. I must say that you have good knowledge of the same.

  79. I want the sequel with the stick guy PLEASE TELL ME YOUR MAKING IT AS I SPEAK!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Amazing work once again Ross. I loved when you deflated the dude on the left, and I agree that the sound effects are bang on. Looking forward to #8 when you get around to creating it.

  81. ahh~!!!! i luv all your vids!!!
    i what to make vids too, but i don’t wanna spend money,
    and i don’t know how to. T^T

    • There are a number of free animation programs (Easy Toon, Pencil Animation, Pivot), but I haven’t gotten around to trying them out myself. I’ve been meaning to…anyway, if you really want to do animation, I am sure that you can find a way to do it for free. As far as learning how to, there are lots of tutorials online as well as a whole lot of great books written about doing animation. Good luck!

      • ooh, ok, i guss i’ll google around a bit. thank you. ^^
        if i CAN make one, i guss i’ll show it to you first.. ^^

  82. ROSS! Yo momma sent me over here. These are wonnndderrrfullll πŸ™‚ Glad to see you’re doing awesome work.

  83. This was great! Really funny. I love all your videos. I think my favorite part is the sound effects. They fit so well and are hilarious! How do you make them so perfect?

    • Finding the right sound effect is actually really hard. I have some sound effects CDs, some I get from a program called Soundminer, some I find online at free websites, and others I just make myself. Actually, I think that sometimes I overdo it on the sound effects…for this episode, I tried to add less effects.

  84. srry for takin up space with my comments but r u aware that ur pencilmations are on newgrounds?
    and r u playin the guitar?

    • Yes, I put them on Newgrounds. I’ve been trying to find sites to publicize my Pencilmations…do you know of any good animation sites other than newgrounds? And yeah, that’s me playing guitar.

  85. other than the question i had
    u did great in this one it was funny wen
    the cow came and pooped lol!!
    u got the noise that happens wen mario gets the
    mushroom good choice!!!

  86. i gotta few questions
    1. what is that black thing on the nail of ur thumb?
    2. how is this like alice in wonderland?
    3. was that u humming in the music?

    • 1. I dropped a log on my thumb and got a blood blister under the nail (it’s taken forever for that thing to grow out…)
      2. Uhh…the cake says “eat me,” there is a rabbit, a guy with a top hat and a tea party…really it isn’t much like Alice in Wonderland at all…but it had a couple similar gags
      3. Yes, that was me humming the music.

  87. Well done. :] Should check out my youtube comment.

    And I actually did enjoy the music in this one. ;o

  88. This One Was SOOOOO Funny!!!!!!!! In The Next One I Hope Its The Sequel To The Pen Is Mightier Though……

    by the way i have subscribed and rated #7 5 stars.

    • Woooo. Hey hey hey, I tried to put it on YouTube and Pencilmation at the exact same time. I was pretty close…no?

      • Hmm.
        Well now that you mention it, it was pretty close.
        And it is very funny πŸ™‚
        “NOW WITH MY HAND”
        And then there’s the cow LOL

  90. now with my hand!!!
    is that your hand or someone eles