Home is Where the Hurt is

81 responses to “Home is Where the Hurt is

  1. i still think hippies r annoying as heck 😡 reply i if you agree

  2. hey guys did you stop to think awesome = hank? i do a million times :3

  3. i luv popcorn 🙂

  4. 100101010010010010101001010110101010101001201110010100101010100101001 CAN YOU FIND THE TWO???

  5. Protesting to a protester

    Why did you come here?
    If you don’t like it, what point is there in watching them?
    Go and do something worthwhile with your own life, if you have one, and stop messing with other people’s.


  6. See? This Shows That Even Though We’re All Different We Can Get Along.
    🙂 If A Cartoon Business Man And A Cartoon Hippie Can Do It Surely We Can.

  7. I’m with the hippie. But I also want a good job. And I dont want to live in a tent. A house would be fine. BUT HOW COULD YOU KILL THE FREAKING TREE?!!!!???!!!

  8. funny stuff!!!! 😀

  9. I love penismation!

  10. jiffrey paul salcedo

    i love this so funny


  11. GET ME OUT OF JAIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. lol no thery allways run i bet thery stell runing :DD but rly idk lol 😀 make more of this stuff

  13. At the end did he die? i think he did

  14. Theredpyramidsucks

    wow that was short, but really funny 🙂 Can you make more?

  15. But , what happened in the end ? did they die or something?!

  16. Aww, This one is My fave. It’s so cute!

  17. i hate pencelmation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. the houses both caught on fire

  19. it was funny !

  20. it was excellent !

  21. heh heh my favorite video


  23. This is my favorite vidio yet Pencilmation Rules!

  24. Pencilmation rules!

  25. this is my favourite vid. i like it when the mansion burns!lol


  27. The Pencil didn’t do enough. 😦

    It was kewl tho.

    I luv the pencilmations!!!

  28. i feel bad for the hippie he just is trying to be nice at the begining

  29. lammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme

  30. i think it could be better

  31. good but faults in it: neither of them had any pants, the pencil did too little, it was too short, the pencil did too little(next time try harder and include pants please)

  32. how come they both went to live in the same house at the end? is it just me, or is there something odd about that? nice cartoon though.

  33. BlondeeYankee

    Heha(: That’s Funny! But poor hippy =[ then he is like breaking all the hippy rules with the business dude. Weird. MY FAVORITE*

  34. KEWL

  35. as soon as i saw the hipy guy hug the tree i new it will be the stupidest episode ever

  36. on the next part of the adventure make the dude go in a black hole XD

  37. What happened to handy? D:

  38. put ur pants back on! (hook line and stinker)
    i think u should make one about the guy with the bushy eyebrows going into space and losing all his air. every one back on earth cheers!

  39. last=sad?

  40. lol so sad

  41. Thanks for using my tie-dye idea!

  42. as always.. great work. i enjoyed the concept and the background music. they just get better and better. kudos!

  43. im sad that its the last one are ya gonna do a new one ross?

  44. I liked it but, the pencil could do more than just draw the houses. The pencil’s actions are a big part of the appeal for me.

  45. Reaveric the sandal

    ‘Twas your most boring cartoon yet… still fun, but the pencil could use something more to do.

  46. Nice. I founded some another nice videos there:


  47. And just when I thought it would have a happy ending, too. >=)

  48. OH! I’m Korean child. I do not speak English very well…but, I love it. This toon is very fun!!!!!!

  49. The pencil wasn’t in it enough, but i loved it

  50. That is really funny, Ross, I like it.

  51. This is not to pass your chapters Pencilmation kill me laugh that makes me sad
    Pencilmation “It was supposed to not laugh?

  52. But there was only a funny ending. It was a quite boring episode of the Pencilmation!

  53. cant wait for number 12

  54. you can do more than that

  55. I like the hippie when he went “peace” to the worker guy.I notice u put some color in there too.

  56. This one is by far my favourite. 🙂
    Keep up the good work.

  57. I think this is your most complete animation yet Ross. Your work is getting more professional each episode, and the story lines are improving as well.

    Did that hippie hot box his tent? That was funny.

    Looking forward to number 12.

  58. lol like the ending xD

  59. Kinda freaked me out a bit on my first watch.

  60. Quite Funny. I expected that it may become a happy ending….but…..

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