Bounce For Bounce

81 responses to “Bounce For Bounce

  1. Ross I would love to give you 25 bucks but one prob don’t got any.

  2. Did it hurt hitting your head on that pencil.


  4. hank your soooooooooooo cute and funny.I LOVE YOU!!

  5. my favorite pass time is watching hank epesodes

  6. vamos amigo, estos episodios son lo maximo, espearo y pongas mas, sigue asi amigo…

  7. Hey Hank What Is Your Favorite Passtime?

    • Thank you for asking, Stephen! My favorite pastime is probably……..dancing, or maybe jumping up and down….maybe eating popcorn….or just popping popcorn, YEAH I love that! I have lots of favorite pastimes. I guess it’s because I have LOTS of time to pass!

  8. make more ideos plz

  9. hey protest i agree no more trampoline for hank

  10. i just started watching like a month ago on newgrounds

  11. i mean hank

  12. what did hark do at first?

  13. NO MORE TRAMPALENS FOR U!!!!!!!!!!

  14. LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. i was here when some of the others besides pencilmations came out, it would be really great if you brought back the generic brands cartoons, they were hilariously sickening. or the monkey and stanley the coconut, my sister memorized that one, and the freeze framing made it funnier somehow

  16. it’s a bit odd that they can survive being mostly erased but when their head gets cut off by an axe or mouth in most cases, they die, is there any significance in that ross? or was it just sort of unintentional?

  17. He makes these animations with adobe flash which costs a lot

  18. guys how you do this , i want to learn animating too
    but you do it in a cool and funny way
    i want to learn it
    u have my e-mail please send me a msg

  19. HAHA hank farted at the begining!! If you don’t belive me then everyone take a look at hank when the pencil push the trampoline out of the way. 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉



  22. ballanse a la p… pedejos de mi….

  23. its awesome i think u should make more

  24. 펜서매이션 정말 재밋어여!
    저 즐찾에 이 사이트 등록해 두고 새 거 나올 대마다 보고 잇답니다@!@

  25. HOW do you even make these animations?

    i have rewally been longing to make a pencil animation on lined papaer ^^

  26. it was koool

  27. i hate justin bieber i hope he dies and he is a nasty fucking fag that suckes cock so uif u like justin bieber u suck the sames sexs privet park so fuck u all justin lovers

    • you are very disturbed candace, please refrain from posting things like that in the future, little children are watching this

  28. i like it .very good and funny and i like the musik like micky musse

  29. ross rocks anyone who loves his stuff rocks but could you continue it next video after the one your now probably working on?


  31. erasing hank’s wings in mid air, thats just really mean =D

  32. i think that he needs an dentist apointment now ;D

  33. BlondeeYankee

    That would be funny if the pencil ran out of eraser(: I’d LOVE to see that!!!

  34. sorry! but their sooooooooooo good! 😀

  35. i looooooooove it as much as i loveeeeee rejecting!

  36. i ❤ it as much i ❤ rejecting and pindrop! 😉 😀

  37. dude! awesome! i love ❤ this episode as much i love doin the pindrop and reject!

  38. Great stuff, but I think you should delete the comments that are nasty.

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  40. whens # 14 comin out dude u rock 🙂 🙂 😀

  41. 😦 how dare you say bad stuff. i love thesE!

  42. até que é legal mais é mt cheto ou seja em englês – is very cool

  43. noooooooooooooo bi6cu

  44. dude you are jackass motherfucker bastardly bitch whaaaaaaa

  45. You know what you should do? Make a Pencilmation movie With the stickman from 1 and 2.

  46. fuck you ross

  47. its great and amazing work….

  48. there you go ross
    this is kinda like episodes 1 and 2
    so yea…..thats what makes them funny

  49. Dude, are you gonna make any other new pencilmations?

  50. its really very creative idea and am become a big fan of your toons…..

  51. Wow! This cartoon is very intresting and fun.

  52. It’s sooooo cute

  53. Wah! Cliffhanger!

  54. i love it!

  55. I love all your Pencilmations, this one is especially good!

    However, I want to provide some feedback about the more recent animations. I think that they are lacking a bit of the plotline in the previous cartoons. I would be willing to wait more than a week more, just so they would be more in-depth and longer. Also, you have lots of humor in your cartoons, but just a little more would be nice. This was especially good in #10, 7, and 6.

    Otherwise, I am and always will be a dedicated fan of your cartoons.

    • I’m sorry to sound rude, but I think ross has been trying pretty hard to get a good plotline into the cartoons, and now he kind of wanted to go on a nice, little, random torture spree.

  56. awsome!! i wonder what will happon to him..?

  57. Very well done Ross and Vanessa. Very creative and I like how this is pretty much turning into a web series. Good choice to name the lead character Hank as well, suits him nicely.

  58. What’s happening at the very beginning that he’s stepping away from? Or will that be explained in part 2?

  59. Yeah! Great job! Loving the lion and torment.
    Hank is a great name for the guy!


  60. hey, I like it!
    glad to be a small part of it!

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