Cone Head

156 responses to “Cone Head

  1. Hank, being greedy isn’t nice

  2. haha i remember when this started on 🙂

  3. i like it 🙂

  4. these videos are awesome ross!

  5. wow watching this makes me dislike hank even more

  6. make more hank im getting bored

  7. mmmmmmmm… ice cream

    you know I saw the ice cream truck today

  8. Dude, why’d you have to take that kid’s ice cream? You just have made Ross make a cone the size of the empire state building? If he refuses, threaten to shut down this website! It’s fool proof! Once you cancel it, make a website called http://www.hankisthebestpersonintheuniverse.awesome. So, it’s ice cream eating time!

  9. o
    / 0 \
    / \
    This is a real stickman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I just like the bigger ice cream than the biggest ice cream

  11. This is so funny he lost his head but…i dont like it… 😦
    please someone reply…..
    coz i feel lonely
    i am serious…….

    • if you’re lonely you should go outside and make some friends. you shouldn’t rely on your pc to make up your social life. there’s 6.5 billion people on the planet. one of them is bound to like you. trust me.

  12. hmmmmmmmmmm…………

  13. how can i create an animation?

  14. This thing doesn’t load!!! Does this even load on Mac???

  15. you suck do jin its funny

  16. please make a new 1 this is shit f**k this make a f**kin new 1

  17. this is short, sorry but i don’t like it 😦

  18. these should be more popular. im going to tell about these on you tube! Then it will be even cooler!

  19. O
    / | \
    / \
    Stick guy!

  20. not as good as the others but still i like it:)

  21. o
    /() \
    /\ Fat stickman

  22. XD AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. hi, I’m first time watching the site

  24. esta copado no me divertia tanto desde que mi primo se callo a la sanja

  25. FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Bye.bye Hank.

  27. wow hahaha very nice when’s the next one coming?

  28. wow haha very nice when’s the next one coming?

  29. hahahahahahahahahahah xd

  30. oh and whens the next one gonna come and what is it about?

  31. almost everyone has a point it was short still it is funny but it was a bit out of character for hank. a much better one would be the guy who ate the hamburger from episode #5 to beard or not to beard or the square guy from mc hammered cuz one likes to eat and one likes to rec things up still it is funny. by the way ross, check ur email and read my message named all with capital letters saying that its from an urgent fan named saad please open that and reply im begging on my knees for an answer

  32. now i want ice cream

  33. this is my first time here!

  34. i’m new guys.I think you should watch cone head.


  36. I like PENCILMATION!!!! 귀여워요!!!:D

  37. I’m Korean. I Love This site.

    저는 한국사람 입니다. 전 이 사이트를 사랑합니다.

  38. About Me?
    Fuck you.

  39. Watch This!
    Cone head

  40. I Like Backpack for Hot Wheels.
    Now Have Fun!

  41. KinderGarten For Nelly’o’Brien.
    School In Day.
    For Night……
    Did you hear me?

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    Member is THETEAMTANKsZER0
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    And More!

  43. See That Webcam?
    …. this is Good!!!!

  44. Fuck Me. BOOM HEADSHOT!!!!


  46. not funny!

  47. LOL!!!that was awsome I love your episodes D: (you should make a Star
    Wars twist!)


  49. do you know what i don’t get? why everyone is commenting on it being too short!I think it was awesome and funny just like the other anims you make. so don’t listen to what those buttheads are saying and make them as long (and short)as you want!

  50. I like your videos very much.But what makes me feel disappointed is that in China,we can not see the videos in YouTube directly.

  51. The video is very funny for me
    The parts that hank steals ice creams, his head becomes to a cone head and the one that the kid eats hank’s head are the funnyiest

  52. Are you serious guys? These are some of the funniest animation I’ve come across! Don’t blame ross. Blame yourselves. Life is too great to be complaining about good things like this. Ross is busy, I’m sure they will get better if he has more spare time.

    • Guys guys, hold up i was reading all your comments… And common you guys are fan and yet you put pression on the guy Ross, do he owe you guys something? No. You owe him something but still you put pression on the guy. Seriously. Grow up a little.

  53. it was awesome plus I already saw that I liked most was the ice cream cone and I’m from peru else so here I saw him in

  54. 做得很好看哦!!!

  55. 不错!!

  56. 😥 werwerwerwerwerwrewrwrw

  57. 😳 sorry about my other comment.i was just in a bad mood because my dog died.

  58. dragonking809,you are right!the only good ones were 1 and 2 but after was crap!

  59. muy bueno.

  60. muy bueno, realizar temas de la contaminación, cuidado del medio ambiente y del universo.

  61. esto es lo mejoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor!!!!!!!!! hace alguno en el q el protagonista sea astronaauta!!1te lo recomiendo,va a ser visto

  62. well done. it’s so funny though short

  63. oops html didn’t work. 😡

  64. 대박이다;;;

  65. Adorei.
    As animações são maravilhosas.

  66. ross do you kow the exact date the nevt anamation will be out?!?!?!

  67. pencilmation gets shorter and shorter as you go. This is WAY too short. 😦

  68. boring and too short

  69. I like the part when the kid eat his head

  70. bob u gross

  71. … bob ur gross

  72. hahahaha movie so happy i like that.

  73. bite his head off how about bite his penus off

  74. ok its been a month here the video ross?!?!

  75. REALLY FUNNY!but short.

  76. and why am i a alien?!?!?!

  77. make moreeeeeee really
    plz come on plz stop being lazy!!!

    • I’m not being lazy! I’m working on music in Kentucky!! I promise I will make another one as soon as I am done writing songs. Gimme like a month or two….

  78. Hey you’ve got to make more animations im getting board, how about one about some kind of giant rabbit?

  79. are you going to make a new animation anytime soon?!?!?

  80. lol! kid bites hanks head off!

  81. your dads armpit

    iz funneh like your mumms face. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!11111

  82. you made a funny. now plz make moar.

  83. ummm well i liked it but before the baby eats the big ice crea and honk takes it you should make a giant ice cream fall out of the sky an crush em ohhhh and some time you should make an evil twin honk from space to try to destroy honk or somthing

  84. hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahh

  85. ♥41cookiesbabe♥

    make sure u remember to make video/tutorial of how to make a pencilmation

  86. hahahahahahahahahhahahaha

  87. the older ones were much better

  88. Please, new animations!!!

  89. 😦 D:



  92. =p
    Funny and cute! I’m definitely coming back here to watch more.

  93. Zulfiqar Haider Parwaz

    You are very intaligent, I enjoy your pencilmation cartoons. Thanks

  94. hello im gianella i really want to see another pencilmation cartoon …. please

  95. I love pencilmation, though what I think, Ross, what you could really use is a little more dry humor, such as in the Monty Python movies. Because I could tell that these videos are funny, they just aren’t my kind of humor, and don’t quite make me “LOL”. I know these videos have great potential, so perhaps take a little piece of my advice.

    • Like in the Holy Grail… But for that sort of thing to be funny, being drunk or absolutely stoned on caffeine helps more than I can explain…

  96. cone head is my favorite video on pencilmation. i like pencilmation a lot. i am glad pencilmation is made.

  97. it all was very good.. there were some things that could have been changed like legnth and not straying form the story plot as much but all in all good. you should continue your series no matter what anyone says. if this is wat you want to do than stick to it! some suggestions that i would make is to give each character a little more personality. and stick to about 5-6 main characters instead of introducing new ones. also try continuing on all these videos because most all of them have incomplete endings… it would be cool to see if you can add on to all your videos with alternate endings… that is my challenge for you ross. : )

  98. sorry i ment to say you should MAKE a character called conehead. also ITS STILL FUNNY!

  99. AWSOME! You should likea character called conehead or something cuz this was HILARIOUS!

  100. OMG… that is sooo funny at the end… LOL… i really liked it.. keep up the good work…

  101. Hi i love it end i show it all in my class

  102. is the cone cream is super fun xD

  103. i fink its cool^^(if it helps..)

  104. FireStar32005

    I liked it. LOL. This is the first pencilmation I saw. Then I went to see the others. Keep up the good work 😀

  105. I didn’t really like this episode. Not that it was short, since you can make that work, it just seemed out of character for Hank. Granted, he doesn’t have much character to begin with, but it just seems odd to do something mean like stealing icecream.
    A better character to use would have been your little square dude from #3: MC Hammered. He seems like a pretty disruptive guy to begin with, and it would be natural for him to take what he wants, and recieve the karmic punishment coming for him.

  106. Dragonking809

    I’m sorry but that was really REALLY stupid. Like REALLY REALLY REALLY STUPID. I don’t even know if I’m going to watch pencilmation anymore. The only good ones were 1&2 and then after that….CRAP.

  107. So funny! I showed my husband and he laughed as hard as I had watching it.


    PS IT WAS SO LAME I WAS CRYING MY EYES OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. LOL LMBO that was so not cool that was lame

  110. Dylan_housewares

    Huh. Hank taking an ice cream cone from a child and a decapitation in one episode? Gotta admit I’m a little surprised. However, it WAS entertaining. Frankly, I would prefer the longer episodes that take longer to make, but either way, the animations are fun to watch.

  111. Another nice pencilmation animation. Very funny. Waiting for more! 😀

  112. Simple, short, entertaining, I like it! Didn’t realize it took 26 hours for each minute of video you create, but you have invested a lot of time into your passion which is a great thing.

  113. Lol.

  114. So short, but funny.

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