Hank Gets Colored In

21 responses to “Hank Gets Colored In

  1. Hank is sooooooo awsome and funny and CRAZY!

  2. Hank is soooo funny!

  3. Infinity Squirtle

    2:17, is that his heal ball cuz there was nothing on him when he popped out. plus, where’s purple?


  5. this video was hilarious 😀

  6. HI Hank i have a question for you! ok what is your favorite color?

  7. move out of the way desdemona he is mine!!!!

  8. hank your soooooo handsome.

  9. Dylan_housewares

    I like the subtle hint that he “feels like crap” at 3:43 .

  10. Poor hank. Although, this video is very funny and very crazy. The before video isn’t very funny. My favourite video it is.

  11. Wow…

  12. what a disturbed little wierdo

  13. my brothers don’t understand hank but I think he’s cool and the colors were a really awsome touch

  14. poor hank 😦

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  17. hank is freze in

  18. AWsome

  19. Emmm…. Ok did you get inspired by colors now? like others :3? Im actually working on a pixel city Hankkk…