Original Pencilmation


20 responses to “Original Pencilmation

  1. 1. can u PLZ put it on the episodes page so we can download it!!!
    2. PLZ!!
    3. leaving now

  2. thecookieeater

    it’s good to see a classic old cartoon again 🙂

  3. i think you should make a stop motion cartoon aka claymation or maybe a manga cartoon the cartoon could have magic maybe

  4. Im not sure.This is the first time i saw the Stick Man and HE was the one where HE tortured a pencil so mabey i guess no.

  5. how about we use ALL, the characters
    ??? 😛

  6. I think u should use the guy from #4!!! 😀

  7. Going back far older, simply return Boogala.

    I’m sure that will make sense. But it does seem to be different from the other suggestions.

  8. Marik Ishtar

    make someone go into a portal, then they turn into anime!

  9. ooh i know
    how about you continue episode 2…. when the marker showed up 😛 lol

  10. rubberduckies

    do one where desdemona buys a pet for hank…you can figure out the rest..

  11. Do the marker one next. Like maybe he can team up with Hank and the gang and defeat the marker creation?

    • Yah, but I think it would be beter with the pencil, colored pencil, pen, marker, and even a crayon!

  12. i love DA OLD EPISODES !!! SO DIS IS SICK!!!!

  13. philmstud2k

    Perfection! Ross, this is great! Classic Pencilmation! The only real criticism would probably be it’s a little TOO much like the original one. Because, at the end of #2, Pencilmate was about to face a big marker, and not only that, but he’s seen how the pencil can torture him, and I think he’d be a little more reluctant than to just stand there and mess around with his body like that. Also, when Pencilmate was without eyes and the pencil was drawing the monster, he just stood there motionlessly, like he was waiting his turn to move. Instead, I think it’d be funnier if he was like looking around for the cat, feeling the floor hunched over, and then he finally reachers the monster, rubs its belly, gives him a big hug, and THEn he gets his eyes back. Just little details like that. But, this was an excellent return to classic animation, great job!

  14. draw a pet dog for hank!!

  15. Maybe have a marker torture the stick figure!